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Projects and activities

Ongoing projects

Corruption Free University

Project for Company Certification on Consumer Fair Practices in Skopje and Polog Planning Region

From Regulatory Impact Assessment of Handicraft Law to Improvement of the Business Environment in Macedonia

Finished projects

How is the High School Denar Spent?(2018)

Budno Oko Project – Platform for Monitoring of the Use of Public Funds in the Secondary Education of Macedonia (2017-2018)

Setting up Criteria for Quality in Social Sciences to Prevent Brain Drain in the Republic of Macedonia

Transparent Skopje: Action for Setting-up Open and Accessible Databases to Support Reform and Public Interest Protection in Skopje Region

Will there be ‘Whistleblowers’ at the Universities? The Possibilities of the Law for Protection of Whistleblowers and Prevention of Corruption in the Higher Education of the Republic of Macedonia

FISCAST: Building capacity and tools for fiscal accountability, sustainability and transparency in Macedonia

TEMPUS Project JP 511224-2010 – INTERFACE – Developing and setting up measures for initiating, enhancing and staining Higher-Education-Society Cooperation

Legal Guide for Investors in the Republic of Macedonia

Report on Poverty and Social Inclusion in Macedonia

Leadership in Practice (LEAP) – Program on development of negotiations and lobbying skills of young leaders of Macedonia

Balkan Case Challenge – International Student Case Competition and Recruitment Event

University Curriculum Improvement Workshops

Annual ICT4Justice conference

Other activities

May Study Visit in Montenegro

ISIE Policy Study Promoted at EU Info Center

4 Roundtables on Corruption Prevention in December 2016

ISIE featured in the Macedonian Foreign Policy Journal

2016 Free Market Road Show

FISCAST Final Event in Skopje

Debate “How public money is spent? Education, infrastructure and FDI”

Cost – Benefit Analysis Workshop in Kruševo

Workshop on EU enlargement in Vienna

Research – led Training in Tirana

Social Science Research in Macedonia

ISIE President – 2013 Scientist of the Year

Human Security conference in Kiev

TACSO Training on Organization and Fundraising Strategy

European Defense Capabilities Conference in Prague

Europe after the Dual Enlargement: New Challenges for Security and Collaboration

National Security Strategy from the View of the Civil Society A Contribution for a Regional Security Strategy

National Assessment Report on the Level of Democratization of the Republic of Macedonia

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