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Three New Projects Start at ISIE in the Summer of 2017

ISIE will commence three new projects in the summer of 2017:

1. “Setting up Criteria for Quality in Social Sciences to Prevent Brain Drain in the Republic of Macedonia”

(2017-2018), Swiss Development Cooperation, Civica Mobilitas Program,

In partnership with – Fondation suisse pour la recherche en sciences sociales, Lausanne, ISIE will analyze how quality criteria in social science (or their lack of) affect brain drain in Macedonia. Through conducting a survey with social scientists, organization of young scientists training, expert roundtable as well as preparation of policy study we will be working to tackle this serious issue in the period 2017 -2018.

2. ”Transparent Skopje: Action for Setting-up Open and Accessible Databases to Support Reform and Public Interest Protection in Skopje Region”

(2017) IPA Civil Society Facility, implemented by Center for Civic Communications

Within the CCC project “Investigative Reporting to Boost Reforms (2016-2018)”, ISIE has received funding to introduce open data bases to fortify media activities and create resources for investigative journalism and their own further actions and public provided with better and more substantial information to make informed decisions. ISIE will be working on development of a database that will include information on quality of living, health, social insurance, employment etc.

The aim of the project is to increase quality and credibility of investigative journalism by improving journalists’ skills, capacities, tools and information for in-depth and fact-based reports and to build operational and efficient partnerships between CSOs and the media to provide greater availability of information based on thorough and replicable investigative journalism.

This project is funded by the European Union.

3. Budno Oko Project – Platform for Monitoring of the Use of Public Funds in the Secondary Education of Macedonia (2017-2018)

Budno Oko Project is aimed to improve the monitoring and access to information regarding the use of public funds in the financing of secondary education in Macedonia. Within the project, ISIE will develop a web platform that will provide fast, simple and visualized display of public spending and will offer accessible and understandable information to students, parents, media and interested citizens. On the basis of the gathered data, ISIE will prepare a policy brief with recommendations for improvement in the field.

Budno Oko is part of “Accountability, Technology and Institutional Openness Network in South East Europe – ACTION SEE” project, implemented by Metamorphosis Foundation, Westminster Foundation for Democracy,  CRTA  –   Center  for  Research,  Transparency  and  Accountability,  Citizens  Association Why not?, Center for Democratic Transition, Open Data Kosovo (ODK) and Levizja Mjaft!.

This project is funded by the European Union.

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